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The AngelFeet line of pedicure files...

Have a unique design and architecture; it's what makes them one of a kind. The safety of an AngelFeet is unparalleled because, unlike ordinary pedicure files, the AngelFeet collection contains no cutting blades.

Angelfeet Pedicure files are rated as the best in the industry today, because of three main reasons: it's long service life, it's safety in use, and because it is constructed out of a solid piece of surgical-grade steel, it is completely sterilizable.

Our files have thousands of pyramids etched in a pattern to safely remove dry, cracked, calloused skin. This patented technology makes the pedicure fast and easy, without cutting or grating the skin. Other files made of metal or paper files have plastic handles and that may lift and cut the skin.

The AngelFeet files can also be completely sterilized to prevent any bacteria or fungus builds up. The design pattern also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. Surgical-grade stainless steel construction allows the file to be autoclaved or placed in any germicide solution.

The Angelfeet Pedicure File is the best foot file you can buy - at any price - and it's the last file that you will ever need to buy. Why?

The Angelfeet file features a revolutionary smoothing surface that will outlast many files. Made from the finest quality surgical stainless steel, our innovative design incorporates hundreds of tiny pyramids working in all directions to safely remove, dry, cracked and calloused skin. In fact, the safety of our Angelfeet Pedicure File is unparalleled in that there are no raised cutting blades.

As the Angelfeet file removes dry and calloused skin, it leaves behind only soft and healthy new skin. Other files continue to remove even new skin after the unwanted skin is gone. But the Angelfeet file, because of its patented design, only smoothes the skin with further use.

Many states now require that professionally-used pedicure files be sterilized in a high-temperature autoclave-type oven. Most other pedicure files are unable to withstand this heating process. Since the Angelfeet file is completely made of surgical stainless steel, this sterilization process poses no problem.

Our files may be used wet or dry, and are easily cleaned with soap and water. Recommended by podiatrist and professional pedicurists, the Angelfeet pedicure files are ergonomically designed and properly weighted so that they are a pleasure to use.

We have personal single-sided files in fine, medium, and coarse. We also have a professional series that includes the Professional and Small Professional. These are double-sided files available in medium/fine or coarse/fine.

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