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The Standard in Professional Foot Files


  • Made of quality surgical grade steel

  • ISO 9001 certified for quality assurance

  • One-piece stainless steel construction, no adhesives


  • Lasts up to 1,200 pedicures!

  • Use wet or dry

  • Can withstand autoclave

  • Does not rust

  • Can be safely reused after proper sterilization


  • Does not cut or grate skin

  • 100% Sterilizable and Sanitazable

  • No plastic, wood or adhesives that can harbor bacteria

  • Safe for diabetics


  • No expensive one use foot files and refills

  • Double sided 2 in 1 file

Eco Friendly

  • 100% recyclable and reusable

Made in USA

  • We proudly manufacture all our files in the USA

The Safest Professional Foot Files on the Market

Revolutionary Technology

Our professional foot files have a unique design and architecture, which make them one of a kind. The safety of an AngelFeet professional foot file is unparalleled because, unlike ordinary pedicure files, the AngelFeet collection contains no cutting blades or sharp edges. Our files are etched out of a single piece of surgical-grade stainless steel. We create a surface of thousands of pyramids to safely remove dry, cracked and calloused skin. This technology makes the pedicure fast, safe and easy to perform, without cutting or grating the skin. Other files made of metal, paper or cloth substrates have many negative attributes that do not allow them to be sterilized and can cause damage to the skin.

California Approves our Angelfeet Foot Files


 We've received confirmation from Kristy Underwood, Executive Officer of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, of a law that allows metal files to be used for pedicures or manicures. Any razor-edge or needle-like instruments are still prohibited from salons. Those instruments found in a spa can be subject to a $500 fine.


Here are the details:
Section 7320.1 Allows Metal Tools to Smooth and Massage
(Credo blades and Rasps are still illegal)
"When providing a manicure or pedicure, no metal instruments shall be used except those metal instruments necessary for the cutting, trimming, manicuring, or pedicuring of nails or cuticles or for the smoothing and massaging of the hands and feet."

A quick google search of Section 7320.1 brings up this page.
California, here we come!

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