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Foot Care Foam #7

Foot Care Foam #7

For your clients who:
~ Have some indications that Athlete's Foot may be present.
~ Have very dry skin on their feet.
~ Used or are using the Allpresan Pedicare Cracked Skin product.
~ Want the added protection this Allpresan product provides.

Important Ingredients:
~ Urea (10%) binds moisture in the skin.
~ Stearic Acid protects and smoothes the skin.
~ Clotrimazol (1%) stops the growth of fungi that that cause skin infections, including Athlete's Foot.

Instructions for Use:
Shake well and then hold the can upright to dispense. Use sparingly twice each day, once after cleansing routine and once each day prior to bed until Athlete's Foot symptoms have disappeared.
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